Back Relief

Ladies (and gentlemen),

Over the past month I have been receiving increasing requests on how to relief back pain. Usually this would be a common request from my mommies-to-be, but even men are approaching me these days.
Is this because more and more people are working from home, from comfortable sofas and dinning room chairs? These chairs may feel comfortable, but what you don’t realize until you are knee deep in pain, is that these seats do not offer genuine support for you hips and spine.

Back pain for my pregnant ladies is 90% a given. Yes, growing a little human inside of your body does change your spinal anatomy and as we get ready for birth, ligaments, tendons and all bit and pieces around the hip joints start stretching and stretching and… well, stretching.

So, whatever your reason for back pain today is, try these easy, safe stretches to help relief discomfort around the hips and back.

1. Lateral stretch (Side to side)

Keep both sitting boned firmly rooted on the floor.

2. Puppy pose variations

Straight forward and to each side. Try to keep the hip right above the knee line.

3. Child pose and variations

Exhale the tailbone to the heels and try to breathe the belly and heart onto the earth.

4. Cat Cow

Play around with your breath and move through you in- and exhalations. Don’t be scared to explore and create snake like spirals with your spine.

5. Forward lean stretch

If you can do a forward fold without bending the back, go ahead; otherwise lean into a wall. Hold the stretch for a few breaths and then sway the hips from side to side.

6. Butterfly

Keep the soles of your feet together. They don’t have to be pulled in close, in fact move them a little further away from the hips to form a bid diamond shape and exhale the head towards the feet. Opening and breathing into the back of the hips and sacrum. with feet on the wall

Rest and breathe into the belly. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your navel.


8. Side laying stretch

Here is one of the biggest secrets. This stretch opens the hamstrings, and muscles around the pelvis. It opens the pathway for the sciatic nerve and makes for an excellent birthing position!